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This letter was sent to the Alan Hardy, the owner of Remax Realtec Group.


I just want to first say "Thank you" for your help in the beginning and especially getting us set up with Mark Fazzini. As I write this I sit in my phenomenal new home that Mark played such a large role in helping us obtain.

Mark earned a level of praise in my book that is typically hard to achieve, and without hesitation I will say that we were incredibly lucky to have him. Not only does Mark exude professionalism and is just overall a great guy, he also possessed a level of caring and understanding that I have seen get lost in the world of business today.

Another point that cannot go unsaid his due diligence to find the right answer to some rather unique scenarios. Rarely do I trust someone who has all the answers, and Mark never pretended to be anything that he was not. On the rare occasion when something would present itself that was way out of the norm, he wouldn't try to dance around it simply to give us an answer merely to shut us up. No, he did the homework on his own time and would come back to us with an incredibly well research response - Mostly within the same day.

We were also never just a "paycheck" in his eyes, nor just another client that he needed to get into a home. No, Mark showed incredible understanding for our unique situation, budget, as well as our schedule, in exercising true empathy in a search to find the best home for "Us".

I cannot sing his praises enough, so I hope this letter carries some level of credence behind it. We were lucky to have him in this process, and please know that anyone else would be the same to have him in the future.

Again, thank you for everything you have done as well to this point. Alan, if it's ok with you, I consider you a "friend" first, and "business associate" second.

Have a phenomenal day.

Ryan Hypes

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