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We will always remember this sale above all the rest!

Hi Cindy,

Well its finally done.  We received the proceeds from the closing mid morning on Friday. You know, I've been in this business a long time. So when we began the process of selling our home with you last January, I thought that however long it took and whatever the price would be, I would be able to handle whatever bumps in the road that we might experience.Well I  found out AGAIN, just when you think you have everything under control, something new appears that you never had faced before.  In this case,  the name of the problem was "polybutylene".  When the home inspector came up with 163 items that he identified as defects in our home, I thought our deal was dead.  Especially when you told me about your experience with polybutylene piping. And when the buyer told us the conditions under which he would still accept our home, I knew that God was in our corner again. Yes, He has intervened before for us when it was important.  And so, we got past that issue. Then we were tested again.....this time it was termites.  We negotiated that problem also. And then there was the Lender who was not able to make the Dec 15th closing date.  That one cost us 13 days. Then on the day of closing,  the Buyer was about  4 1/2 hours late for the closing. But now the wait is finally over.  And I still don't believe it.  I also don't believe the Buyer should have bought the house after reading that home inspection report.  I know I would not have accepted a house with that many defects.  But what I am leading to is......this house deal would never have gone thru if it wasn't for you.  I wouldn't have blamed you if you decided to terminate the listing in November.  But your guidance thru all these problems gave us a lot of comfort.  Your professionalism and experience carried us thru. So we just wanted you to know how we felt about this difficult sale.  Thank you for having the confidence and perseverance to make this all happen.  We will always remember this sale above all the rest.

Happy New Year to all your family and your staff at ReMax.  May 2018 be your most successful year.

Sincerely,   Kathy and Carl

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