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🔥 Tampa Real Estate Soars, 2024 Market Predictions, & Dairy Inn Site Plans

Mark Fazzini

Whether you are buying or selling a property, Mark will go out of his way to find out the key factors that are most important to you, so that he can p...

Whether you are buying or selling a property, Mark will go out of his way to find out the key factors that are most important to you, so that he can p...

Mar 16 8 minutes read

✨ Tampa Bay Luxury Home Sales Exceed National Average

Driving the news: The U.S. luxury home market is booming, with Tampa Bay leading the charge.

Prices in this segment have soared to unprecedented heights, outpacing the growth of non-luxury housing and surpassing national averages.

Details: In the last quarter of 2023, luxury homes in the U.S. sold for an all-time high of $1.17 million, marking an 8.8% increase from the previous year.

In contrast, Tampa Bay's luxury homes outdid this figure, fetching a median sale price of $1.38 million, a 2.7% uptick, accompanied by a significant 30% rise in active listings.

The influx of new listings in luxury home markets is noteworthy, particularly in metros like Phoenix (42.3%), Tampa Bay (41.6%), and New York (31.6%).

This trend indicates a growing inventory that may balance the market dynamics.

Why it matters: The disparity in price growth between luxury and non-luxury homes underscores a widening market divide. Non-luxury homes nationwide saw a more modest increase of 4.6%, reaching a median price of $340,000.

The big picture: Tampa Bay's luxury market not only boasts higher prices but also quicker sales.

Luxury properties in the area spent an average of just 24 days on the market, far below the national average of 50 days.

What’s next: According to Redfin Senior Economist Sheharyar Bokhari, the increase in luxury listings is expected to moderate price growth.

This equilibrium could benefit all market participants, with sellers receiving fair prices, buyers enjoying a wider selection, and overall sales potentially rising.

The bottom line: Tampa Bay's luxury home market is a microcosm of national trends, yet it stands out for its rapid price growth and quick sales.

This local boom, alongside an increase in listings, points towards a dynamic and evolving luxury housing landscape.

🎥 BEWARE: The Tampa Bay Market Is About to EXPLODE in 2024!

What does the real estate market hold for Tampa in 2024? There is so much uncertainty during election years.

Let's take a look at what realistically is going to happen for Tampa's housing market this year.

Watch it now

🍦 St. Pete’s Dairy Inn Site To Be Converted to Luxury Townhomes

Driving the news: The iconic Dairy Inn, a longtime ice cream shop at Crescent Lake in St. Petersburg, will be demolished to make space for luxury housing, marking a significant change in the area's landscape.

Details: The lot was purchased for $740,000, and the project received approval for six townhomes, though zoning permits up to eight.

Owned by The Vance Group and brokered by Premier Properties, the project will feature upscale Mediterranean-style townhomes ranging from $1.2 million to $1.6 million each.

The townhomes, equipped with luxurious amenities such as private elevators, rooftop terraces, and built-in flex rooms, aim to cater to individuals seeking proximity to downtown while enjoying upscale living.

Why it matters: The demolition of Dairy Inn signifies a shift towards residential development in the area, reflecting the growing demand for housing options near downtown St. Petersburg.

The impending construction also signals a new phase for the area, prompting discussions about urban development and the balance between preserving historical landmarks and meeting contemporary housing demands.

Between the lines: Originally established in 1947 as Dairy Queen and later renamed Dairy Inn, the shop has been a local landmark. Its closure and transformation reflect evolving community needs and development trends.

What’s next: Construction is slated to commence within the next six to 12 months, lasting an additional six months.

The bottom line: While the transition from Dairy Inn to luxury townhomes may evoke nostalgia, it underscores the evolving urban landscape of St. Petersburg, prioritizing housing accessibility amid demographic shifts and increasing population influxes.

🔥 Tampa Bay's Housing Market Heats Up

Driving the news: Tampa Bay's real estate scene is outpacing national trends, with the median home price climbing to $371,000, outstripping the US average. 

This 2% year-over-year increase edges closer to surpassing the 2022 peak of $383,000.

Details: Nationally, the median home price saw a significant jump of 6.1% to $362,725 in the four weeks ending February 11, marking the most considerable rise since October 2022. 

This surge is in line with escalating mortgage rates, now averaging above 7%.

Why it matters: The uptick in Tampa Bay's home prices, coupled with the rise in mortgage rates, underscores the growing financial challenges for prospective homebuyers. 

The area's market dynamics reflect broader economic pressures, including inflation and interest rate policies.

The big picture: Tampa Bay's market is buoyed by a 20% increase in new listings compared to last year, with nearly half of the homes being sold in less than two weeks. 

This brisk pace of sales underscores a robust demand amidst the rising prices.

Between the lines: The Super Bowl week, often seen as a bellwether for real estate trends, suggests a sluggish market outset for 2023. 

Redfin's Economic Research Lead, Chen Zhao, notes that recent inflation reports dampen hopes for immediate relief from high mortgage rates.

What’s next: With Tampa Bay ranking fourth nationally in inflation concerns, at a 3.9% increase year-over-year, the housing market's direction will closely follow broader economic indicators and Federal Reserve policies.

The bottom line: Tampa Bay's real estate market is navigating through a complex landscape of rising prices, mortgage rates, and inflation, posing challenges and opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. 

The resilience of the market, however, points to underlying strengths that could weather the current economic uncertainties.

📊 Our Current Local Market Numbers

The Pinellas and Tampa Bay markets are strong as we are well into 2024:

More homes are hitting the market compared to past years, offering buyers more options.

Sale Prices are up: Pinellas County is up 1.3% year-over-year and Tampa is up 2.5% year-over-year.

What it means for you: 

Buyers: More choices and potentially less competition, but prices are still high.

Sellers: May need to be more flexible on price and terms to attract buyers.

I'm happy to help you create a home-buying strategy that will allow you to navigate the current market.

If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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