What I imagine you want.... 

You want a client-centered real estate advisor, like me, to invest my time consulting, negotiating and organizing the details of your transaction because I know you want to have the type of real estate experience that compels you to introduce me to the people you care about most.

Here are the results you can expect: 

  • If you are on a tight deadline, we will make sure you find what you need before it hits...
  • If there are issues with a property you like, we will tell you about them...
  • If a seller is being unreasonable, we will call them out on it...
  • If a price is too high for the market, we will negotiate it down for you...

You see, we look out for our clients the same way we would look out for our own family members if they were buying a home. 

And our reputation in the local market will ensure that every seller takes your offers seriously, and that the agent selling the property you like, knows we mean business (which will get you to the closing table faster, and keep more money in your pocket!). 

We have personally helped over 1,400 people, just like you, buy and sell homes in the Tampa Bay Area since 1994. 

And we continue to help hundreds of clients each and every year.

But we want to do more.

That is why, when you choose to work with us, we will contribute up to 

$1,000 towards your inspection and or appraisal costs at closing!

Just fill out our Interactive home search form to claim the offer: 

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That's right. Besides the down payment, closing costs, and other transaction based fees involved with any home purchase, the buyer also has to pay for their inspection to be done (if they choose to do one) and for an appraisal to be done on the property (if they are getting a mortgage).

Here are the details:  

  • Minimum purchase price of $200,000 required
  • Purchase Price of $200,000-$300,000 qualifies you for a $500 Credit at Closing towards your Inspection or Appraisal Costs.
  • Purchase Price of $300,000+ qualifies you for a $1,000 Credit at Closing towards your Inspection and Appraisal Costs
  • Must exclusively work with and close on your home with a Fazzini Group Real Estate Advisor

Now of course, different things can be negotiated in the contract to cover many of these costs, but the $400-$500 cost of an inspection (Home, Pest, Wind Mitigation, etc) and the $400-$500 cost of an appraisal (the bank wants to make sure the property is worth the purchase price) is generally the responsibility of the buyer.

But we want to help with that. So we decided to create this offer to make it a no brainer for you to work with us!

See! That's us! We would be this happy to work with you!! 

You see, we know that there are TONS of Real Estate agents in the area that you could choose from to help in the home buying process. Many of them are very good! 

If you are currently working with an agent, PLEASE don't read any further, this is for people who are not currently working with another real estate professional.

So we thought, how can we make his a no brainer for a person who has not met with us before, to put their trust in us to make one of the biggest purchase of their life?

Well, we could provide them with 3 main things:

Experience, Value, and Fun

The value thing is easy. There is no better value than putting money Back in your pocket. That is where the $1,000 credit at closing comes in. 

The Fun is a little more difficult. Home buying can be stressful process. But we have mastered it, and we have put an amazing team in place who will put a smile on your face and help you turn a stressful process into one of the most exciting times of your life. It is part of why hundreds of clients leave us raving reviews (link to over 100 reviews) and refer their friends to us each and every year. 

The experience is something that takes a bit more time. 

But there is no question... you need an agent who has EXPERIENCE and a reputation you can trust!

Did you know the average agent sells 9 homes per year, and Florida has over 2,000 new agents getting their license every month! 

Do you really want to put the trust of one of your biggest financial decisions in the hands of someone who is a beginner in the industry or who hasn't truly made it to an expert level yet? 

I know I wouldn't 😝

But thankfully, we have the experience you need to get the best results for you and your family:

  • We have driven to see 10,000+ homes 😜
  • Seen 20+ years of real estate markets and laws
  • Written thousands of contracts
  • Negotiated on price for 2,000+ purchases
  • Been through 1,500+ inspections, 1,500 appraisals, 1,500 final walk throughs, and successfully completed over 1,500+ closings

For another agent to get an equivalent experience in our real estate market, they would have to sell 18 homes, every month, for the next 7 years!

And we have been fortunate enough to have the success of being in the top 1% of all Remax agents and ranked top 40 Realtor in the State of Florida

But don't get me wrong, we arent just about sales numbers. And he experience alone isn't the only reason we have had success.

The success has come from one main thing:

It's because we truly care about our clients. 

These are a few of our happy buyers :-)

You can also read over 100 More Reviews on our Zillow Profile. And see all of the homes we have sold on our Experience Map

We know the home buying process is a long journey, so if you have any questions before you get started, or along the way, feel free to personally email me at [email protected]

If you do want to start working with us, and get an awesome bonus, click below to fill our interactive form.  

We look forward to working with you :-)

Disclaimer: this is a limited offer. We will only be extending this offer to only a limited amount of clients. 

As soon as you complete the form below, you will receive a special voucher email as well as our direct contact information where you can get ahold of us. Then, we will give you a call to learn more about exactly what you are looking for in a home. 

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